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Istanbul Turkish Kitchen offers Ithaca's only authentic, delicious Turkish cuisine. Our unique menu boasts mouth-watering, exotic meat & vegetarian selections prepared for you fresh, in-house, everyday. We invite you to join us for your next meal, as we hope to transport you to the tastes, smells and sights of Istanbul for a one-of-a-kind dining experience

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Experience the healthy Turkish mezes and kebabs for your event. Please email us a detailed message for your catering needs. We will get back to you in same business day..


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"Enjoyed my first of what is sure to be many meals at this wonderful new gem of a restaurant Ithaca is lucky to have."
Jay Reed Jr.
"Delicious food, beautiful decor, awesome service"
Tom Goodman
"Hands down the most authentic Turkish food I've had since my trip to Turkey. You can really taste the quality ingredients used and I'm glad I took my buddy up on this recommendation!"
Mike Eiffer
"Wonderful restaurant, the most delicious Turkish food I've ever had, top-notch service, and just a perfect all around experience. You really can't get much better, especially in Ithaca and the surrounding areas. Definitely the place to try!"
Bryan Williamson
"We had a great meal here last week! Love the decor, and the food was delicious. Best veggie kebab of my life (the eggplant especially!) We will definitely be back soon! :)"
Carol Crawford Sanderson
"I took my Niece and Nephew to Istanbul Turkish Kitchen for an impromptu dinner tonight. The food is amazing, the decor is beautiful, the service exemplary! We ended the evening with some of the most delicious homemade Baklava that any of us have ever tasted!!! What a great night, great food, great family, big love!!"
Stephen Peacock


  • 1. Exotic Turkish Kitchen in Ithaca Shines ~ ithaca.com
    “Istanbul Turkish Kitchen is a great find for its reasonably priced lunches, BYOB wine service, and sumptuous dinners, as well as for the luxurious availability of parking right outside their door.” read full article
  • 2. Lentils lamb and lemon yogurt sauce at Istanbul Turkish Kitchen ~ cornellsun.com “Istanbul Turkish Kitchen provides an alternative to the many restaurants of Ithaca by providing a unique menu that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The menu also has countless non-meat options, making the restaurant a friendly option for vegetarians. “ read full article
  • 3. Beautiful and flavorful Turkish fare in an unexpected location ~ dining.14850.com “As in many cultures around the Mediterranean and Middle East, Turkish cuisine specializes in small dishes called meze, a Turkish word meaning a taste, or a snack. Meze are like the tapas of Spanish tradition, small plates rather than appetizers, but since the karisik meze plate here is ready quickly, it does make a good appetizer, as it whets the appetite for the larger plates. The assortment at Istanbul features triangles of fresh feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves, yogurt, bulgur salad, and roasted eggplant. We also tried the sigara borek, literally “cigarette pastries,” fried phyllo dough stuffed with feta cheese, and the mucver, crisp zucchini pancakes. “ read full article
  • 4. Turkish cuisine in ithaca ~ dining.14850.com “Istanbul Kitchen is the place in Ithaca to get Turkish cuisine. I went this afternoon for lunch, and was delighted by the experience. Walking in the door, I was greeted by owner Unsal Ayar. He was happy to sit me wherever I pleased, and brought me “kahve” – Turkish black tea. I decided on the lunch special, which was lentil soup and a choice of a kebab. The lentil soup was a good way to start the meal – it was light with just enough spice, due to (as Unsal would later tell me) the pepper paste that he gets from a provider who imports it directly from Turkey. This is one of the special things about Istanbul Kitchen – the authenticity. “ read full article


Address: 311 3rd St, Ithaca, New York
Phone: (607) 345-3333
Email: istanbulithaca@gmail.com

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